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Description: The main objectives of the MVAP Project is to produce aerial photography of the Mackenzie Delta development area and Mackenzie Gas Project route to Alberta. The spatial data set has been produced to meet the mapping needs of regulators: for issuing permits and licenses, and for environmental impacts assessment of industry development in the delta and Mackenzie pipeline corridor area. MVAP data acts as a baseline mapping tool to monitor change due to climate fluctuations and/or impacts from economic development. MVAP orthophoto tiles can be used as layers in Geographic Information Systems, for earth science analysis or for display purposes. MVAP orthophoto tiles are used to monitor permafrost changes, habitat mapping and geomorphology studies in the Mackenzie River valley and delta, Northwest Territories.Aerial Photography: scale 1:3,000Time: August 2004Two contractors produced the orthophotos: UMA utilised the BAE Socet Set software for the DEM collection. This software is functionally similar to the Intergraph software used by Geosys and Mapcon. Mapcon's Salt Lake City office has been using the BAE software for a number of years and has a lot of experience with this tool. UMA says they collect a 120 m point spacing. They then supplement this with the manually collected breaklines and special points at locations such as hilltops, bottom of depressions, etc. All three of these data sets are used to generate first a 60 m then a 30 m point spacing grid. UMA uses the PCI OrthoEngine software for the orthophoto rectifications. They then use the ER Mapper software for the mosaicing of the individual rectificationsGeosys used the Intergraph collection software for the DEM collection. They segmented the project into areas they felt were compatible with the use of the Intergaph auto-correlation software package ISAE and those requiring manual collection. In the ISAE areas a 12 m point spacing was collected automatically. In the other areas a 120 m point spacing was collected. Both of these datasets were supplemented with manually collected breaklines. Geosys uses the Inpho OrthoMaster software for the orthophoto generation and OrthoVista for radiometric image balancing and mosaicing. Imagery was processes as groups so as to ensure balance between adjacent image tiles.

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Copyright Text: This data set was developed for INAC. Aerial Photography and Aerial Triangulation was conducted by Groupe Alta. Creation of Orthophotos by UMA Geomatics and Geosys Technology Solutions.

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